Events, Corporate & Commercial

Corporate Events



Documentary Style Coverage Hourly Rate including basic editing:  $235 per hour or part thereof  (including travel time round trip from Waiotahe, Opotiki)

          Weekend /Holiday Rate: $265

Option 1 includes travel, the shoot itself ,  basic editing of up to 30 images per hour booked, and delivery of files  as high resolution digital image files in an online gallery or on a disk.

NB:  the online gallery can also be arranged at no extra cost, this allows clients and their customers to download any images without charge and/or order pro lab archival quality prints at reasonable cost.



Documentary Style Coverage + Editing Extention

As above for the documentary style part of the booking (includes up to 30 basic edited images per hour booked) but if some images require more extensive editing, either fine art editing, skin work etc for portraits, enhanced lighting, colour work with selective masking for realestate/architectural images or the like, there is an additional fee of $45 per image standard or $55 for complex images / compositing etc) added on to option 1


(this price inckudes a standard off camera flash lighting setup provided at the time of the shoot if needed). 


Incidentals:  Extra charges on a case by case basis if required: backdrop setup fee, more complex lighting setup fee (for non-studio work), parking, equipment hire (if required).



Personal Headshot Session (up to 30 min in studio or on location session) – $165

(includes two high resolution (approx. 4000x6000px) images, does not include prints, extra images can be added $45 per file)



 Business Time’ – Headshot Session for Teams

(includes an online gallery if required, high resolution, edited image(s)* per team member (approx. 4000x6000px), does not include prints)

*1 image – 1 post/look – in studio or on location:   1-5 staff $125 pp, 6-10 $115 pp, 11-15 $100 pp, 16+ $90 pp

  • *2 images – 1-2 poses/looks – in studio or on location:   1-5 staff $165 pp, 6-10 $155 pp, 11-15 $145 pp, 16+ $135 pp

Extra images / looks or team ‘group’ images (up to 20 members) can be added at $65 per image

    After Hours / Weekend Rate: +$110

for any special requirements feel free to call me for a chat 027 3019046 – 07 3154090 or email me at


Other Commercial Rates


– Album Covers, Calendar Images, Product & Personal Branding Images etc


Hourly Rate:  $195

includes online pre-session consultation/styling advice, my time and talent, lighting, studio and assistant if required

– does not include digital files, prints or products)

            After Hours / Weekend Rate: $225


 Price per digital image file, includes retouching fee:  $45 standard / $55+ complex/composite etc.


Incidentals:  To be agreed upon pre-session, as required: hair and makeup, extra assistant fees, more complex lighting setup fee (for non-studio work) parking,

travel over 20km round trip ($1 per k), equipment hire (if required).



Personal Branding Experience          

Half Day Rate (HD) $700   (value $1480*)

Full Day Rate (FD)  $1200  (value $2765**)


Bring you’re a-game to brand promotion with professional images that can be used over and over.


PB Experience includes 1 hr consultation/session planning, (HD) 3 hour or (FD) 6 hour photography session & retouched high resolution images for either (HD) 20 images,1 full month of daily week day posts or (FD) 40 images, 2 months of daily week day posts.


* Based upon 4 hours total commercial work / $195 per hour and 20 retouched high res images @ $35 per image

** Based upon 7 hours total commercial work / $195 per hour and 40 retouched high res images @ $35 per image