Master Your Camera Photography Course with Marie-Claire



This course is a ten (or 11) week course, designed to help you learn the technical side of your dslr or mirroless camera and to become so familiar with all of the main buttons, dials and settings that they become second nature, freeing you up to execute your creative vision without having to worry about which setting does what.

The cost is $300 for ten weeks of online evening classes held on zoom which will be held on Wednesday evenings for 1 to 1.5 hours from 630 pm. If you’re local (Opotiki, BOP, NZ) and would like to add an 11th class which will be held in person in the form of a half day photo walk for extra mentoring and practice this class is an additional $50 so $350 in total for the 11 classes.


The course covers everything from …

How Your Camera Works

Buttons and Dials

Light and Shadow

AF Modes




Shutter Speeed

ISO – including debunking the great ISO myth

Light Meter

Drive modes

Bokehlicious Backgrounds with any lens

Measuring light in stops

Depth of Field

The so-called exposure triangle

Creative control

White Balance

Raw vs Jpeg

Formatting your cards

Updating and monitoring your firmware

and more ….

You can read some student testimonials from previous ‘courses here.


My name is Marie-Claire and my business name is Moments In Time Photography, NZ and I can’t wait to meet you. 

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