Preparing For Your Maternity Session

Congratulations on booking your maternity photography session!   Capturing this special time for a mother-to-be can be a once in a lifetime event or a treasured tradition for each child that joins the family.  I’ll look forward to capturing some beautiful moments in time for you and your family to treasure for years to come.



But perhaps you have some questions on preparing for your maternity shoot or if you’re still in the planning stages I hope that the following information will be helpful and please feel free to email us to discuss your photography needs.

When is the best time to have my pregnancy photographed?


Of course each woman and each pregnancy is different – some women may deliver as early as 28 weeks whereas others will carry for 40 or even more weeks so there will be variations but as a general guideline the best time to schedule your pregnancy session is around 30-36 weeks, when the puku is nice and round.

If you stay relatively tiny when pregnant you may prefer to schedule your session later on during your pregnancy, between 36-38 weeks but don’t leave it too late in case bub arrives a little earlier than expected.

In a nutshell, choose a time when your puku is nice and round but while you’re still relatively comfortable and before you start to suffer too much from the swelling that often happens towards the end of your pregnancy.


I can photograph your family in my Waiotahe studio or in a beautiful local outdoor location such as a local Opotiki beach. You may already have in mind what you would like for your session, but here are some things to consider:

Studio Portrait:

Clean, crisp images with professional lighting and a backdrop

Provides interesting, dynamic light and shadows to give a creative feel

Location Portrait:

Gives your photos a relaxed, casual feeling.

Natural lighting and background gives vibrant, realistic colours.


Do I need to do anything before I come?

It’s important to get the all clear from your doctor before you come and if you’re on bedrest please let me know as I can come to your home and create a photography session that will allow you to just relax and limit any movement to make things easier for you.  Images taken while you’re sitting or laying down can be gorgeous!

Whether you’re on bed-rest or not it’s best to allow a clear schedule for the day of your session.  Perhaps have a little pampering, have your hair and makeup done, take time to eat and drink well so that you can be totally relaxed and really enjoy this time just for you.

It’s also good to consider what you’ll wear the day of the session, nice loose clothing will help you to avoid any pressure marks on your skin.

What Should I Wear?



I have plenty of maternity gowns and wraps etc for you to choose from if you’d rather not bring anything.  But if you prefer your own outfits or would like to mix and match feel free to bring a variety of outfits and accessories if you would like.  Perhaps something fitted and something loose and flowing would provide a nice contrast for your outfits.    Your accessories could include hats, ultrasound photos, boots, converse sneakers, boots or even high-heeled shoes.

We like to use accessories sparingly so that we capture timeless, classic portraits but we also have a selections of fabrics and wraps, floral headdresses, jewellery etc that we can dress you in or accessorise with if you’re not sure what to bring.


Consider your underwear!  If you will be wearing some light coloured outfits or if you might like to be wrapped in light coloured fabrics then making sure that you have some nude coloured underwear  is a good idea.  Many of the maternity gowns I have are strapless so a bra that is strapless or one where you can tuck the straps out of sight is a great idea.  And if you would like some images taken in just your underwear to really capture the beauty of the pregnant form then a pretty set of lingerie, perhaps in black would be lovely.  I also have a black or a white lace gown so black or white underwear sets look best under those.

Can Other Family Members Be Involved?

Absolutely!  We would love to have your husband or partner and other children included.  Often it’s those images that capture the love and family bond like no others.


If you’re wondering what the rest of the family should wear, for your man we suggest solid colours and simple clothing. We want him to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Little boys should be dressed similarly to Dad and both are welcome to bring light and dark shirts to change things up. For little girls there are plenty of options – everything from a cute t-shirt and jeans to pretty dresses and tutus – have fun with your choices and the most important thing is  that you all feel comfortable and happy with whatever you choose to wear.  If you’d like some more ideas check out my Prepare for Family Portrait page.