Wedding Investment


UPDATE FOR 2023/2024


Thanks so much for visiting my page and if you’re getting married soon, congratulations!  


I’m sorry to let you know that at this stage I’ve decided to take a break from offering my usual wedding packages and shooting full or even half day weddings as I’d like to concentrate more on providing creative sessions and a couple of other projects I’ve had in mind for a while.


This has been a hard decision as I loooove shooting weddings so I’m happy to say that my 1 hour portrait sessions can still be booked by a bride and groom on their wedding day/evening if they’d like a creative session, or even before or after their wedding if they fancy getting dressed up and getting some special images taken without all the stress of their wedding day.  


The pricing is the same as my ‘Don’t Miss A Moment’ portrait experiences (see link below).  Feel free to message me if you like to know more or to make a booking, I’d love to hear from you, planning these creative sessions is half the fun!








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