Learn To See Like A Photographer Course – Student Testimonials






Huia Clare Sadlier, Gisborne, East Coast, New Zealand – 1st See Like A Photographer Course 2021

Absolutely enjoyed this course! I’ve wanted to learn photography for 4 years but never found the right course till I meet Marie and jumped on her Learn to See like a Photography course.

Learnt so much in the 13 weeks, things you would of never even thought helped you become a better photographer.

If I could I would join her second course just to hone my skills some more as I never wanted it to finish. Marie is a lovely, awesome and understanding tutor

and I cant wait to start the Camera skills course with her! You will not regret jumping on the Learn to see like a photographer course and meeting Marie. 11/10 stars ??


Marg Murnane, Awakeri, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand – 1st See Like A Photographer Course 2021


1. How I feel about the course so far:

Did I like the course – Absolutely!.  I have loved it!

Enjoyment of the course aside, this programme has been so valuable to me in terms of how I see myself as a photographer.

It has developed my interest in photography to become even more enthusiastic about it, enough to develop a talent for it!.

It has been educational – I have learnt so much about the tools and how to use them to my advantage.

All the course participants and yourself of course have been friendly, and approachable if we have questions.

Even though we have only met online, we have become familiar and got to know them as if we have met.

2. Course Presentation

The explanation of course topics  are informative and easy to follow so we were able to grasp concepts straightaway.

The Power Point slides design are colourful and images pleasing to look at. The text font and size easy to read.

Even though not a fan of FB, I am participating in the group to learn with  the other participants and get current feedback

The private FB group interaction has been very good and  beneficial to me.

3. Do I feel my photography has improved?

The course has been excellent with challenges set each week to improve my photography skills.

I feel I haven’t always hit the mark, but I definitely feel I have improved.

I see other participants photography has also greatly improved. There is lots of amazing talent in the group.

4. Exhibition – Yes, I am looking forward to this event. It is a great idea. It will summarise the enormous talent within as well show the public. Good for putting the word out for future courses.

5. Would I recommend the course – Absolutely!. Best decision I made in a long time to do this course.

All the Best for your future photography courses.

Kind Regards



Lynda Wilson, Ōpōtiki, Bay of Plenty, NZ – 1st See Like A Photographer Course 2021

I am in my last week of Marie-Claire (Learn to see like a Photographer) its something I have always wanted to learn, so I can take better photos of my growing whanau. I have learnt so much over the past 12-13 weeks which will add extra value to my photos. I’ve learnt that there are many different elements & techniques to photography, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Marie-Claire Hunter for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your class. Plus it’s an added bonus I’m able to sit in the comfort of my home and participate via Zoom ? Can’t wait for your next up & coming courses.


Lisa McCullough, Ōpōtiki, Bay of Plenty, NZ – 1st See Like A Photographer Course 2021



Kia ora, M.c’s photography course was an absolute joy to do. I wanted to learn more about taking photos for my pre school children’s portfolios, and for my own children/ Whānau so I could capture moments in time. I learned so many new techniques and saw/ continue to see things in a different way that help me to capture amazing photos. During the course I had alot of commitments and was unable to make a couple of classes, M.C makes recording’s so you don’t miss out and can catch up when you can, it’s very flexible. M.C is also very good at communicating and explains things so you can understand, You also don’t need the latest camera to jump on this course I completed it on my cell phone (cheap oppo) and could still capture and edit my own photos. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking better photos. Ngā mihi Lisa McCullough


Pokaikaha Rurehe-King, Murupara, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand – 1st See Like A Photographer Course 2021

I highly recommend jumping on to the See Like A Photographer course with MC !! Through the course I was able to learn and add some really cool techniques to my work and as an aspiring photographer I feel a lot more confident and feel as though I’m able to capture some beautiful work. It’s definitely worth it if you’re wanting to get in to photography but aren’t quite sure where to start!