The Anderson’s Family Portrait Session (2014) | Ohope


The Anderson’s Family Portrait Session (2014) | Ohope, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty


What a gorgeous family this was to photograph!  Jady is such a beautiful lady and after having the privilege of photographing her baby-bump a couple of weeks previously it was such a pleasure to get to photograph her and her whole family this time.

We were able to capture some beautiful moments of time for Jady during her pregnancy and it was lovely to get to meet the little man ‘Asha’ in person.  as you can see his lovely big brother Vanna and sister Summer had already fallen in love with him and were ready to take good care of him.

I hope to see them all again in the not too distant future and to be able to capture some more special moments in time for them as they change and grow as a family.

085-Rama,-Jade,-Vanna,-Summer-&-Asha-Anderson-Family's-Portrait-Jadey-&-Asha 3-4 inches  Jadey's-Kids-on-Black156-Rama,-Jade,-Vanna,-Summer-&-Asha-Anderson-Family's-Portrait-